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Artists have a major role to play in shaping social movements because they have the power and creativity to communicate the important messages of our time.

Whether through music, visual art, spoken word, or other forms of creative expression, artists have the capacity to inspire change and bring attention to important issues. They have the ability to engage people on an emotional level, which can be more impactful than simply presenting the facts, and in turn galvanize people into action.

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Artists have the great skill of transmitting the feeling of our aspirations for a better future.

While many artists may not consider their work political, any creative expression rooted in care for the space in which we inhabit is

a political act.

DPAK Future

Dysfunction in our political society, and its appalling consequences, is calling millions to realize that individuals and groups independent from the existing two-parties must rise into civic stewardship.

With 50%+ Americans declaring their Independence, a United Independent Movement has the ability to transform our nation and drive critical upgrades to the quality of our democracy and the trustworthiness of our leaders.

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Artists of the rise @ INC’23

Complete the application below to secure your INC ‘23 Austin FREE ARTIST PASS and plug into our Artist of the Rise program and community.

Note: To qualify for this program you must be an active artist with published materials, honed skills and a passion for positive impact.

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Artist pass application

Jess Magic

artists shape our world

Artists have always served a vital social function, inspiring us to imagine beyond our current circumstances and use the materials around us to leave the world more beautiful than we found it. Whether creating music that uplifts and heals the soul, or painting murals on the sides of community centers, artists access intuitive and trained capacities to reveal hidden harmonies in color, light, and sound that texture and enliven our world.


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Artists of the Rise - program contact:

sophia / text: (619) 203-0286